Anthony Finucane, in picture form

Who’s You?

It’s me, Anto, also known as Anthony Finucane. I’m from Dublin but have lived in a few different cities over the last decade or so. I’m currently based in New York working for a large cosmetics company and enjoying discovering all the pizza the city has to offer.

What’s this about?

It’s a blog! Remember them? The site had a few different formats over the years. In the past, I used to post DJ mixes here but Jenny from the Block put a stop to that.

What about the site?

It’s running WordPress and has been since the beginning. I’ve tried some different CMS over the years, but WordPress has always done exactly what I need it to. It’s hosted on a VPS from DigitalOcean (that’s an affiliate link) and I use CloudPanel to manage the websites I host.

Where can I contact you?

Over on the Contact Page.